Silicone Rubber Keypads are tailor-made for you

Mark Tough (Hong Kong) Company.

is the manufacturer of Silicone Rubber Products including keypads & connectors. Our head office is based in Hong Kong & the manufacturing is in Shenzhen & Dongguan, China.

At present, Mark Tough HK Company is an expert in design and manufacturing Silicone Rubber Products, typically for those keypads used in telecommunication products, remote control devices, computers, PDA, hand-held games & security system.

Besides, we can also manufacture Plastic keypads (P+R) which are used in many telecommunication devices. With its dedication in manufacturing and quality control, the factory is ISO9001:2000 certified. The (P+R) manufacturing sector is also QS9000:1998 certified.

Leverage on the company’s strong R&D capabilities, Mark Tough HK Company can manufacture special feature keypads such as P+R keypads, backlighting, hard-top coating, zero-ohm resistance keypads. In addition, state of the art machines are installed, for instance, laser-etching machine & automatic spraying machine to give its products a contemporize finishing appearance which offers our customers a wider range of products selection. All processes from tooling design and making to final keypads manufacturing are controlled in our facilities in order to achieve the best industrial practice and professional services to our customers.